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Want to convert a pre-built shed into an off-grid cabin? It’s easy! Just find a killer deal on a used shed and move back to the land. You can turn a pre-built shed into a cabin with a little work and know-how. Plus, buying pre-built will save you a lot of time and effort so that you can focus on finishing out your cabin the way you want it to be.


You can buy a small shed that’s a definite step up from camping in a tent, or go all-out with full plumbing and modern amenities. Either way, using a pre-built shed is going to save you a lot of time framing and finishing your exterior walls.


But It’s Not Going to be Move-in-ready!


Depending on how comfortable you want your country cabin to be, you’ll need to do either a lot or a little work to get things move-in-ready. Depending on your climate, you probably want to add insulation and frame in the interior. Using 2×3’s instead of 2×4’s makes a lot of sense in this case because you can save on interior space. Do you also want either grid power or solar DC wired in? What about plumbing? You can make your cabin as rustic or convenient as you want, but it’s best to plan everything out before you begin.


Be sure to hire a reputable contractor for anything you’re not able to do yourself. While this sort of thing was fringe a few years ago, you’ll find now that many contractors have warmed up to the idea of working on ‘tiny houses’ and it should be easy to find a local company to help you add all the finishing touches to your new home away from home.


Sound interesting? Here’s a few converted sheds you might want to check out and find some inspiration:

convert a shed to a cabin