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A lawn sweeper does exactly what it says, it sweeps up your lawn just like you’d sweep the kitchen floor. Cool right!

You’re probably more familiar with leaf blowers Residential & Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Alabamawhich are honestly a better option if you have a lot of trees around your yard. Why? Because even a larger lawn sweeper will get filled-up fast and you’ll find yourself constantly emptying the hopper.


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However, if you only have a few trees to worry about and you love that look of an immaculate lawn, a lawn sweeper will definitely cut down on time and labor. Some lawn sweepers are going to be optional attachments for your existing lawnmower, but they are also available as a stand-alone tool you can either push or pull.


They typically have stiff brushes used to gently dislodge leaves, grass clippings, sticks and other debris from the turf. Lawn debris is stored in a hopper that you can empty out in your compost pile or properly dispose of some other way.


Do I need a Lawn Sweeper?


The choice is yours but if you’re deciding between a sweeper and a blower, we have some insight you’ll want to consider. For starters, running a leaf blower on a really windy day will make you want to call it a day and go find a football game to watch. There’s nothing more frustrating that watching your neat little pile blow away with a high gust of wind.


With a sweeper, you avoid those issues and they can also be less noisy. Some lawn sweepers rely on a gear mechanism which allows them to work without the need for a noisy gas motor.


On the other hand, lawns with a lot of leaf accumulation are going to be easier to manage with a leaf blower. There’s no hopper to constantly empty, and you can just form a few big piles to deal with all at once.


Leaf Blowers that Mulch?


These are another good option if you prefer a completely debris-free lawn, but you don’t like the idea of a lawn sweeper. Some blowers will also vacuum and mulch for you. I’d recommend using the blower function to get the majority of the leaves into manageable piles, and then going back over the yard with the vacuum setting to get up all the smaller debris.


Of course, that’s going to be extremely time-consuming with most blower/vacuum combos, so I’d recommend using both tools together if you can afford to have them around.


The Best of Both Worlds


If you have a large amount of leaves, use your blower first. Get the bulk of the leaf litter into manageable piles and dispose of them properly. Then, you can use your lawn sweeper to quickly and efficiently remove the finer debris and return your lawn to its pre-autumn glory. This is a much fast option than using the vacuum setting on your blower since the sweeper will cover a wider area for you.


Think a Lawn Sweeper is right for your Application?


If you’re convinced that a sweeper is right for your lawn, be sure to shop around and find the best price and value for your particular application. Here’s a few well-researched lawn sweeper options you can get delivered to your door.


And if you’re tired of the DIY weekend grind, just give CLA Lawncare a call. We provide both residential and commercial lawncare options to Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and everywhere in-between.