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Planning to free up your yard from fallen leaves but not sure what tools to use for an efficient cleanup? Well, read on and learn which tools to use for stress-free do-it-yourself leaf removal. Before you start though, don’t forget that it’s best to deal with your gutter cleaning first. That way you’re not going back to clean up those leaves after the fact.


It is strongly recommended to set your mower to a maximum height during spring and summer for good lawn health. However, you need to do exactly the opposite during the fall which is dropping it down to as low as it can go while also ensuring it won’t scalp the turf.

This is because short grass blades will be less likely to catch falling leaves. Moreover, it would also allow the mower to vaporize any leaves that had already fallen, provided the coating isn’t too thick. A mulching mower would be best for this purpose as it pulverizes clippings and drops them back to the turf.

Leaf Blower

Raking requires hard work and the best alternative is a leaf blower or something similar. But when we say leaf-blower we say a gas-powered backpack blower or walk-behind as this is more efficient than the typical hand-held leaf blower. This machine has a flexible hose and variable speed triggers which give you plenty of power to remove leaves stuck in your lawn. Just ensure you wear good ear protection because this machine is quite loud.


Don’t even think of transporting a big pile of leaves from your yard all the way to the woods for disposal using a blower. This is true even if you’re using a backpack blower. The best way to transport them is to blow them into a tarp and drag them to their destination.

Leaf Chute

If you are required to pack your leaves into a bag for municipal curb pick up, a Leaf chute, costing around $9 at Lowe’s or Home Depot would be a better alternative. It’s a three-sided plastic tube that props open the empty bag with a wide opening for easy loading. You can remove the chute once the bag is full enough to stand on its own. Then pack in as many leaves as you can.

Your kids (if you can pry them away from Fortnight)

Leaf pick up can be a fun and worthwhile outdoor activity for young people like your kids. Have them use rakes and a quality, well-fitted work gloves then let them do the chore the old-fashioned way. Though it would be more efficient if done regularly during the fall when leaves are just starting to fall so you would prevent them piling up.


With the above tools, we hope you’d find your DIY removal a lot easier. But remember you don’t have to do it yourself if you can’t. There is always a trusted leaf removal company like CLA Lawncare. Call us today!